Reincarnated as an Unruly Heir

Ch: 127+
2021 - ?
3.832 out of 5 from 1,072 votes
Rank #10,737
Reincarnated as an Unruly Heir

Once a rising martial arts master, Jagak Yang is known as the Ten Strike Finisher due to his ability to defeat any opponent within ten moves. Jagak is also the son of the leader of the Great Martial Alliance, an organization of virtuous martial arts sects. His future leadership over the martial arts world seems all but assured -- that is, until he is assassinated by jealous rivals! Jagak is reincarnated into the body of Cheonso Ma, the playboy second-in-command of the evil Shining Light Cult. Can Jagak remain true to his principles despite his new life on the dark side?

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Reincarnated As An Unruly Heir[Review] By Jeon Ma-Du Story: This story is a typical reincarnated as a villain, which is rather generic, while at the same time possessing the "Murim" and "Overpowered MC" genres. However, this story was extremely bland. There was a bunch of unexplained stuff that made the reading experience extremely confusing, as well as the names of the titles in the manhwa. Heavnely Sword Demon Heavenly Demon Sword Demon Sword Style Demon Styled Sword This manhwa had so many similar names it was hard to keep track of it. Characters were also rapidly introduced, which also made it difficult to keep track of the more-important characters, and who are the side characters that are not worth remembering. The story writer also seemed to forget some events/objects/characters after adding them to the story, then forcefully added back those things into the story, making the story separate into fragments. Art: The art was just average, with the shades and tones of colors not being utilised and applied properly, as well as character faces and bodies have their skin tone as a monochromatic scheme. Not very appealing to the eye as well. Linework is generally alright, with some mishaps and others, but overall the art grade is rather disappointing and average. No difference compared to other art styles, generic, unoriginal, no sense of indivisuality. No unique art style, just average. Characters: There are too many characters, resulting in almost all of them having no character growth, or situations that challenge them to become stronger. The MC's personality is unique, as he is suppose to act lustful and hot-headed, while he is actually the opposite. However he doesn't really grow as a character throughout the series. Overall: This manhwa is bland and doesn't really possess a sense of indivisuality and originality. It is boring, and has too many elements such that its even diffucult to keep track of all of them. Almost no character development. Thanks for reading this review!

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