Red Limit

Alt titles: Jeoksaegyeongyeok, Red Area

Ch: 67
3.856 out of 5 from 130 votes
Rank #9,153
Red Limit

"If you ever develop feelings for me, then show me the face behind the blindfold…" Baek Myeongdo has never been particularly good with people but, fortunately, he’s also never really cared. Relationships are confusing, messy, and Myeongdo would really rather just avoid them all-together. Still, he finds it awfully hard to resist a beautiful pair of hands when he sees one... When Chung Oak accepts his proposition to meet him in a hotel one night, Myeongdo’s plan is to never see him again. However, Oak finds this mysteriously blindfolded man far more intriguing than he’d anticipated. Soon, their “one night only” becomes many nights and often, but just what will it take for Oak to make it beyond Myeongdo’s self-imposed limits?

Source: Lezhin

Includes 7 extra chapters.

Content Warning

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