Red Labyrinth (Novel)

Alt title: Bulgeun Migung (Novel)

Ch: 104
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Red Labyrinth (Novel)

“Princess of Argonia, are you the God’s maid of honor?” The aggressor of the continent stared at her through his piercing eyes. It wasn’t that he had a sword, or that he was mocking her. He just looked at the Princess of Argonia, as if he was going to unravel her. He was staring at her with those beautiful, cynical, cruel, cold-blooded, and horribly greedy blue eyes of his, that she thought she had committed an unforgivable crime. “W-Why are you doing this to me…?”“I don’t need a reason to break flowers.” She always just wanted to live earnestly. But neither in her hometown, nor in the imperial palace, can she escape from a man who was trying to plunder her.

Source: NU

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