Red Candy

Ch: 101
2018 - 2023
4.219 out of 5 from 1,791 votes
Rank #764
Red Candy

Shihyeon, aka “Red Candy,” is a secret agent whose code name comes from bathing in the blood of his marks on dangerous missions. Shihyeon’s tasked with seducing and obtaining intel from Hajun, a hot college professor. Shihyeon can disarm enemies, but didn’t expect to be disarmed himself by Hajun’s own tight body. Now Shihyeon’s caught between loyalty to his spy agency and Hajun. Can Red Candy survive the incoming wave of enemies and still indulge in the sweet ecstasy of Hajun’s embrace?

Source: Tapas

Includes 6 extra chapters.

Content Warning

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As of writing this, i only read until chapter 23 - so there's a pretty big chance that the score will change and i'll edit this review. The story started off w showing how cool "Red Candy" - out MC is.. and tbh i find it kinda hilsrious 🤡. He got a job to "stalk" our seme and smhow they "ended up on a bed". Quite a start, eh? And the plot after that is pretty good too 😌 i quite like it. And the pacing is.. ugh, it's so good. Not too fast and not too slow at the same time 👌🏻. And oh, don't forget that the author threw some hints here and there, i appreciate this (it made me feel smart lol). But what i really love is.. in one chapter, THE AUTHOR GAVE US INSIGHTS OF WHAT IS THE SEME THINKING. 😌👌🏻 The art is.. quite nice, i can say. The color is wow, and wow the anatony doesn't hurt my eyes so it "passed". But ofc i have some nitpicks here and there, that's the shading and perspective. Tha shading sometimes doen't make sense, and the perspective of some scenes are just messed up 😔. And finally the characters.. ngl, i kinda love but annoyed by our MC. At first he's described as an "SS Rank Agent" and "looks cool" but as the story goes sometimes i forgot about that.. but it's ok we love funny MC 🤡👌🏻. But, the problem is sometimes he goes w the flow too much- other than that i like him uwu. And the seme.. at first it's really hard to see what he's thinking, so I'M SO GRATEFUL THAT THE AUTHOR GAVE US INSIGHTS OF IT.  And we can see that the author tried to make a character that has "thoughts", i love that 😌👍🏻. As for the side characters, i can't say much atm bcs i only see them in few chapters :/ but they jave some charms ✨. So should you read this? This manhwa is quite an enjoyable read 👌🏻 and the comedy here is good. So i'm pretty sure i can recommend this to anyone who's looking for bl/yaoi with some comedy in it. But ofc you can still enjoy the fluff moments between our MLs ❤️.

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