Red Cage

Alt title: Model Taxi

Ch: 91
2014 - 2017
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Red Cage

In the worst neighborhoods, the back of a taxi is called the cage. 5326 is the code, Re-Call Red, a revenge call to end all suffering. Need a bully curb-stomped? Call. Your husband cheat on you? Call. Has your business partner stolen all your money? Call and Deke will be there, waiting for you, for them. The Rainbow Taxi offers the full spectrum of special services. Call now.               

Source: Tapas

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saphyron Feb 10, 2019
Score 5/10

A disturbing story, but very well made.
It follows the rainbow taxi company as they take clients to do revenge act for. The whole premise is really nice, but the graphical nature of the story is simply too much for me. Rape, NTR and other gory things happen every single chapter and it simply gets too much. But if you like that sort of thing this is a really well-made story. read more


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