Red Beryl ni Sayonara

Alt title: Good Bye, Red Beryl

Vol: 3; Ch: 13
2016 - 2019
4.232 out of 5 from 116 votes
Rank #4,727
Red Beryl ni Sayonara

Asahito has spent his life convinced that no one will ever want or need him. His parents are long dead, he has no friends to speak of, and he's just been fired from his job after being assaulted by his coworkers. Just as he is starting to feel he would be better off dead, an accident nearly kills him. He is saved by Kazushige, a moody vampire who has also lost everyone who ever loved him. Tired of living, he has made numerous unsuccessful attempts to kill himself. Asahito begins visiting him each day, determined to find a way to repay him for saving his life. Kazushige tries to drive him away, but Asahito has finally found something - and someone - to live for.

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