Reborn as a Vending Machine, Now I Wander the Dungeon (Light Novel)

Alt title: Jidohanbaiki ni Umarekawatta Ore wa Meikyu ni Samayo (Light Novel)

Vol: 3+
2016 - ?
3.85 out of 5 from 32 votes
Rank #5,457
Reborn as a Vending Machine, Now I Wander the Dungeon (Light Novel)

A middle-aged man with only one passion in his life meets a fitting end in a traffic accident. That's where most stories would end, but instead, this is when his story begins when he's reborn as what he admired the most in life--a vending machine! But his new lease on life(?) happens in the worst place possible--what can a vending machine do in a monster-infested dungeon when he can't speak or even move on his own?

Source: Yen Press

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masterLaga Jul 5, 2019
Score 9/10

This LN is one of the case that apply to it "don't judge the book by it's cover" but in this case "by it's title". Reborn as a Vending Machine may sound generic or another Isekai troop but it's not. the most thing that i loved about this LN is the character, each one is quite unique and memorable (and by memorable i mean not the type of charachter that after you read one volume you... read more


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