Reamed on Livestream: Forced to Climax Live Online!!

Alt title: Nukonuko♂Douga: Gachi Iki Kyousei (Nama) Haishin!!

Vol: 6; Ch: 30
2016 - 2019
3.924 out of 5 from 61 votes
Rank #7,220
Reamed on Livestream: Forced to Climax Live Online!!

I, Yuusei Kimura, started jacking off on camera for a gay livestream site for a little extra cash. But, ever since horny lady-killer Shouma from the class next door found out, he's been threatening to tell everyone... "Consecutive orgasms by vibrator." "Live blowjobs." "Anal play." He does all that to me with everyone watching, until finally...!!! As much as I hate him having his way with me, the views and comments are skyrocketing! "If you do exactly what I tell you, I'll hit that spot you like and make you cum nonstop." I can't say no, and Shouma's making more and more hardcore demands every day. Now he's telling me to do "that" at school...!?

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