Real Maid Ninja

Alt title: Shuukan Real Maid Ninja

Ch: 4
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Real Maid Ninja

In a secluded part of downtown Tokyo outside of Akihabara, there rests a large mansion surrounded by a veritable forest of trees. There, an unkempt and unshaven college student by the name of Yashanosuke Takei lives by himself. An avid fan of ninja cosplay who makes his way to Akihabara regularly, one day, Yashanosuke is greeted at his doorstep by a deliveryman with a package labeled “Weekly Real Maid: Type NJ.” Armed with a full repertoire of ninja skills, how will this new line of maidroids serve—and toy with—their masters? Find out in the latest numbered entry in the mega-popular “Real Maid” series!

Source: G2Comix

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