Real Account

Vol: 24; Ch: 182
2014 - 2019
3.67 out of 5 from 685 votes
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Real Account

In the near future, everyone is hooked on the newest social network called Real Account, a service where the top users have hundreds or thousands of followers. One such user is Ataru Kashiwagi, an insecure student who retreats to the virtual world to escape his loneliness – even if his countless 'friends' don't know the real him. But soon, the network becomes all too real when he and 10,000 others are transported into the virtual world. They're greeted by the cheeky mascot Marble, who informs the group that they must beat a game to go home, but there's a catch: dying in the game means you, as well as your followers, die in real life. In such a fickle world where looks are everything and unfriending is as easy as a single click, will Ataru or any of the others survive till the end?

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Haiiii~  I've read the first volume and the 24ch of the second volume. It seems like they divided the story completely for some reason, so the first volume is based on one character, and the second is based on another. It seems to me (this is only a guess) that the whole first volume was actually a prototype (or even a ''pilot'') of this series, and now they are continuing the series as if vol1 didn't happen? I'm not sure what happened but I do like this series. Considering this ''theory'', I'll be focusing more on Vol2. Real Account. Imagine if you're on twitter and suddenly a HUGE BLUE BIRD COMES and takes you to a virtual world of NEMESIS where you have to play WAY over the top games in order to survive. Cool, right? Let's get on with the review! STORY The whole story is based on thousands of people getting pulled in a world that's based on a social media (similar to Twitter/LINE), and in this world they have to play ''games'' that are set by this mascot called Marble. The idea of the story is not that bad, and the story really does have debth and is really fun to follow, BUT... This manga is EXTREMELY fictional and lacks any kind of reason and sense. The story is insanily over the top which doesn't really ruin it for me. I did expect a different kind of approach on the story, but I do like how crazy it is... AND entertaining! What's most ridiculous to me is that people are dying like crazy. The antagonist is merciless to the point where it's unreal. What I really dislike is that somehow, the protagonist always gets to ditch the rules. It happened a lot in Vol1, but not as much in Vol2. So yeah I did find that a little bit annoying. In conclusion, the story is very entertaining, however it's WAY over the top. Not saying it's a bad thing, considering it's a battle royale kind of story, I've seen much worse haha. Based on debth, development and entertainment, I will give this manga a well deserved 8/10. The whole volume 2 is very well done so far. ART Again, comparing art based on volumes, Vol2 has a much better art (they probably got a better budget). I like the amount of detail, it's very polished and just well done. I also really like the style. I'm no expert in manga, but I do think the style is great. I like how eyes are drawn. Feels like something between TROYCA and Kyoto Animation (I know comparing anime to manga is stupid, but so am I) So basically, I love the style, details and the atmosphere. It's all nicely done. I'll give it a 8/10 CHARACTERS I LOVE the characters in Vol2 (vol1, I don't know her) Let's start of with the main character. His name is Mukai Yuuma and he has this secret online life where he's super famous, but that turns out pointless once he gets sucked up in virtual world. He's very smart and will always find a way to save his ass from death. I like him, he's very ''herp derp i'm the protagonist'' but I like how clever he is, despite it sometimes being... too convenient? You'll understand once you start reading. Well developed and somewhat interesting main character. Secondary characters are also interesting. There's a tsundere super cute girl, a busty nerd girl and a former crossdresser... Most of them are well developed and I love seeing that. OKAY THE ANTAGONISTS! I LOVE both to death. The most notable character actually... Marble. The main antagonist. So sadistic, so brutal and merciless. Kills basically anyone who doesn't follow the rules (except the main characters of course *sigh*). There's a huge plot twist regarding Marble and he's a very well done villain HOWEVER. Can we talk about the secondary antagonist? My absolute favorite character from this series. His name is Kurashina Mizuki and he's a person that's addicted to seeing despair. He's so creepy and eats raw meat but I love how they presented him and I hope to see more of him in upcoming chapters. So, to sum it up. There are plenty of characters, and most of them are really, really likeable. Especially the bad guys. I'll give it a 9/10 OVERALL This manga is great, and surprisingly fun to read! The art and the characters are great, and the story is decent. Great title for anyone who likes high stakes games and seeing people getting killed! Rate if you found this review helpful, funny, or just like it. I have more anime and manga reviews so check them out if you want! Thanks and have a nice day ^^

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