Real Account

Vol: 21+; Ch: 169+
2014 - ?
3.745 out of 5 from 447 votes
Rank #6,025
Real Account

In the near future, everyone is hooked on the newest social network called Real Account, a service where the top users have hundreds or thousands of followers. One such user is Ataru Kashiwagi, an insecure student who retreats to the virtual world to escape his loneliness – even if his countless 'friends' don't know the real him. But soon, the network becomes all too real when he and 10,000 others are transported into the virtual world. They're greeted by the cheeky mascot Marble, who informs the group that they must beat a game to go home, but there's a catch: dying in the game means you, as well as your followers, die in real life. In such a fickle world where looks are everything and unfriending is as easy as a single click, will Ataru or any of the others survive till the end?

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Noriko's avatar
Noriko Aug 18, 2014
Score 8/10

Haiiii~  I've read the first volume and the 24ch of the second volume. It seems like they divided the story completely for some reason, so the first volume is based on one character, and the second is based on another. It seems to me (this is only a guess) that the whole first volume was actually a prototype (or even a ''pilot'') of this series, and now they are continuing the series as if vol1 didn't... read more

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Aecef Mar 11, 2015
Score 9/10

Short Story Review:  This manga was a huge surprise since I dont usually go for shorter mangas. Anyway the story is extremly inventive and a great reflection on cyberfriends vs., ya know, Physical ones. The basic premise is that people involved in a Twitter-like site are sucked into their phones (Matrix-like Life Rules) and they compete in puzzles and games which can result in death but is usually not a... read more



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