RaW Hero

Vol: 6; Ch: 41
2018 - 2020
3.167 out of 5 from 163 votes
Rank #30,344
RaW Hero

Chiaki is desperate to find a job and support his family, but when he sacrifices a job interview in order to stop a train groper, he winds up at the center of a fight between good and evil!

Source: Yen Press

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I don’t know how I stumbled upon this questionable manga, considering the title and the tags you would think this is one of those trashy borderline hentai mangas that only uses sex appeal to stay interesting, but suprisingly that could be no where farther from the truth. Raw Hero is genuinely enjoyable as it is entertaining, and shockingly well written. This manga tells the story of Chiaki Miura who is desperate for a job to get him and his two little brothers out of poverty. After running late to a job interview from stopping a suspected train molester, he ends up getting told that the molester wasn’t actually molesting-the two were involved in an exhibitionist kink- Chiaki is obviously disappointed and furious knowing that he should have just ignored it to be able to get into his job interview on time. To make up for Chiaki’s troubles the “molester”, or better known as Hyoichiro, informs Chiaki that he can get him a job that could pay him up to one million yen a day. From there poor Chiaki gets caught up between superheroes, villains, and….crossdressing. Raw Hero is so, so weird, but in a hilarious way, I couldn’t tell you how many times I laughed so hard from the strange plot twists or just random turns of events. The comedy is an A plus, I mean I would expect this from the author of the infamous "Prison School" manga. The characters are insanely charming and quite eccentric, but never in a way that makes them corny or genuinely weird without the funny aspect. As you can tell from some of the tags this manga is an ecchi, so be prepared to witness the onslaught of panty shots. And let me tell you, the author doesn’t discriminate with these lewd shots, if you’re thinking that the author wouldn’t put panty shots of Chiaki crossdressing just because he is a man, then boy are you so wrong. Even with all of these panty shots the author doesn’t completely bimbo-ify any of the main characters, of course he does it with the side characters, but I see he has some respect for at least the main female cast. The female characters found in this manga are decently written and by that sadly, I only mean Misaki. Compared to the other hyper sexual, crazy, thong wearing, and bra-less flaunting women in this manga Misaki genuinely has a personality that doesn’t surround wanting to fuck or kill the main character. I was pleasantly surprised because most ecchis have copy and paste female characters from what I have noticed, so the “love interest” of Chiaki actually having her own motivations, personality, and strife was really refreshing to see. Not to mention that there were sometimes where this manga was somewhat self aware of the struggle that women face when just being themselves, this means getting constantly harassed by men. Consequently and to a somewhat startling degree, the author punishes the perpetrators of this harrassment. (sometimes making this harrassment into a comedic point but what can you do it's an ecchi they’re not very sensitive socially) But on the opposite end, where the women are harassing Chiaki, there were no real consequences shown to which I was disappointed in, but not surprised considering the double standard of harassment in men by women. Anyways the action in this manga doesn’t fall short like I expected it to be, there are tons of badass moments between characters that involve fighting and pretty well choreographed battles. There are also pretty unique character designs in the “costumes” for the heroes and villains. Between this fighting we have awesome (but predictable) plot points that go well to thicken the story and give tension between the characters and all the silliness that goes on. Raw Hero has a seriously amazing plot line for such a ludicrously executed concept, this manga truly feels like a good, dirty comedy, and a well written one at best. The escalating conflict that happens as you read on makes you slowly more and more engrossed within reading. And this tension isn’t propped up by shallow and lazily written tactics, while they may be predictable and cliche, the conflict wasn’t implemented with no thought in mind other than to only advance the plot. They felt just right and not too corny considering we have a love triangle as one of the major side conflicts between characters, but this wasn’t too frustrating to witness in my opinion. I felt like it fit just right with the comedy aspect, like Raw Hero was aware of its own romantic trope and poked fun at it. Now, on to the two major things I felt could have been better within this manga, they are its worldbuilding and ending. The worldbuilding was touched upon throughout the manga in slow drops, towards the end we get a bunch of information which had the potential to provide really excellent sociopolitical commentary within the midst of this manga's foolishness. You could already tell with the two opposing hero organizations that there was some hints of satire about the government being corrupt. Specifically aimed at the type of governments that try to supress protesting and social unrest from the people being fed up with their government's lack of honesty. This could have drastically added to the societal aspect of worldbuilding if this manga was longer, it maybe could have even been another piece of conflict with Chiaki and his sense of right and wrong, but that didn't happen. While I don't know for sure if this was the makings of satirical side commentary or just was used for the backdrop of the conflict to poke fun at things that talk about that, but what I do know is that if it had been done right then it would have definetely added more to the story. I think Raw Hero had room for that type commentary considering that there were some serious moments with Chiaki in between all the comedy. The only other major flaw I have with this manga would be its rushed ending (it was axxed sadly), considering that it only had one chapter to resolve two major conflicts it did one hell of a job in not making it feel like the story was rushed. The author successfully kept some of its normalcy in pacing, but with that, it left us on a big cliff hanger and a itch that was never scratched when it came to resolving Chiaki's problems. I will take the cliff hanger and the unresolved conflicts over a rushed and confusing ending so I respect how well it was able to provide us with a somewhat satisfactory ending. Raw Hero had so much potential to be something great, a manga that could have been a jack of all trades in it's themes, genres, plot, and comedy, but sadly it didn't have enough time. If it was extended and had never been axxed my rating would have gone one, or even two points higher because damn, this manga had potential. Even with that, Raw Hero is a really enjoyable read and is seriously something that feels unique and refreshing genre wise. I definitely recommend it if you're tired of reading cheap comedies that feel identical but without the enjoyment factor, while this manga isn’t the best written comedy ever, it sure is a good one.

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