Rail Wars! Nihon Kokuyuu Tetsudou Kouantai (Light Novel)

Alt title: Rail Wars! Japanese National Railways Security Force (Light Novel)

Vol: 20
2012 - 2020
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Rail Wars! Nihon Kokuyuu Tetsudou Kouantai (Light Novel)

In present-day Japan, train fanatics and those looking for a lifetime of job security seek employment at Japanese National Railways - also known as JNR - the country's largest railway company. Naoto Takayama is one such train lover who aspires to become an engineer, but his on-the-job training places him on the security force instead. Alongside busty companions Aoi and Haruka, not to mention his well-endowed superiors at JNR, Naoto will do his best to keep the populace safe, whether he’s helping defuse a bombing in Tokyo Station, helping hand-deliver a life-or-death delivery in the midst of a storm, or escorting a famous prince to his destination!

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