Purchased for Revenge

Alt title: Kusenai Yoru no Kioku

Vol: 1
3.435 out of 5 from 27 votes
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Purchased for Revenge

Eve has to accompany her father to a party held in a luxurious hotel and curses her unfortunate life as a daughter of a ruthless tycoon. Her role is to blandish a businessman who is planning to take over her father's company by seducing him with her youth and beauty, to maneuver the deal in favor of her father. By the time an irresistibly attractive man comes into view, Eve is fed up with everything. Defeated by his temptation, Eve shares a passionate kiss with him, not knowing that he is the man who she has to sweeten tonight!

Source: Harlequin

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Okay this is a short Harlequin. Keep in mind that these types are taken from books and compacted into short manga so a lot is left out of the original story. This one in particular mashes the whole story into 65 pages. However, given what I was able to see about this manga I would never touch the full novel. If I had more than a digital copy of this I would burn it. It's that bad. How this could be considered romance is beyond me... I guess getting married and spouting a few words is enough to constitute romance in some peoples view but in my eyes there are some big no no's that you never do in a romance like this and this one crosses that line. Then as if it thinks the reader is stupid it takes the story back to romance in the end and expects that we will just forgive and forget since the female main character seems to be willing to... and we are sopposed to be like "Awww they fell in love. Isn't that nice."  Lets start with what is okay. The Art is good. I have read other harlequin manga with the same artist and I like the drawing style. This manga is no exception. The people are all drawn pretty well and the backgrounds have a good amount of detail. So there is really nothing I can complain about. Putting the art up against something like Berserk or Green Blood would not be fair but this artist is a good one by harlequin manga standards. The characters are a difficult subject. I gave it a 4.5 It would have been very low if it didn't have some decent side characters and the main girl deserved a slightly better score than the main character guy who I would have probably rated as a 2 if I was rating him alone. The girl's father was a complete dick. He would sell his daughter to get better business deals for christ sake. He beat her mother often too and it left her younger brother disabled when he beat her mother when she was pregnant. The girl did as her father wanted just so her mother would get beat less. The girls mother was a fool... but... she was at least understandable because a lot of women who are beat don't leave the husband who does it for a very long time. However, is this really the best climate for a harlequin romance? Maybe some dark psychological stuff but not a harlequin. Now for the warped main characters. I did feel sorry for the girl and actually felt she was quite strong... that is until she ultimately fell in love with the jerk who pretty much raped her. Now onto that Jerk... the male main character. I will dive into the issues of the story later in this review. Many stem from the female main character's father and the male main character so keep in mind to truely understand the depth of this sleezebag you will have to read what I say about the story. Suffice to say he takes advantage of the girl's difficult situation... then betrays her after she fulfills her end of it. Treats her like a prostitute yet for some reason the story has him saving other women of the night as a type of work he does in memory of his sister. Then... after all that expects her to forgive him and spend more time with him. He is scum. His resentment toward her father may not be admerable but is understandable however, to hurt the main character and the rest of her family when they are not even the direct target of his hate... it's trademark of a jerk. Okay finally the story. This story was awful... just horrible. It is no romance I can tell you that. The classification everywhere it is posted is WRONG. Yes it has a forced happy "I love you" ending but is that all that constitutes romance? Can we just stick crap thoughout the story and then add a "I love you" at the end by the two main characters and then all is well? To me that doesn't constitute romance. Now.. the reason why I did not give this story the lowest rating possible, I will go into now... First, the beginning is not done badly. The whole boy meets girl instant feelings thing. I think they pulled that part off pretty well also the evil father thing was fine at the beginning because at the beginning party it doesn't dive in too deep. I thought...it is the tragic tale of a guy rescuing a girl from a horrible father. That is why I thought it had potential originally. However it devolves from there. The girl is sleeping with her fathers business clients so her mother would not get beaten. The male main character forces her to have sex with him all night long holding something she needed over her head and then ultimately refuses to give it back doubling the amount he wanted for it after the fact. He thinks of her very horribly. Yet when he finds out the truth about her, he tries to win her over with some excuses and giving the property back. He expects forgiveness. Like the night she spent was just sopposed to be forgive and forget and ultimately at the end of the manga she does forgive and forget just as he desires which drives me insane. It ends with them getting together which after he did what he did is unforgiveable. Honestly I am being somewhat vauge. Usually I try not to ruin the story too much for people who may want to read it. However, I have said more about it in this review than I usually say in reviews because you are better off not reading it.  After I read it... I had to take a step back and wonder what could have posessed someone to write such crap with a ending like that. I could understand if it was a Drama/Psychological manga but with it as it is now, I would have to try pretty hard to find a "romance" as bad as this one.

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