Punishing My Pet Slave Elf

Ch: 84+
2021 - ?
3.867 out of 5 from 207 votes
Rank #8,946
Punishing My Pet Slave Elf

"What?! You bought an Elf?!" A wealthy lord buys an Elf to be used as his sex slave, however, he had no idea how dangerous it could be... Will he ever be able to satisfy this perverted ELF?

Source: Toptoon

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Hello again, folks! I just started reading this manga about a week ago. And for those of you who are 'so wise', let's get something straight. I'm a story guy, I've always been a story guy. And this manga is no exception. ----- Firstly, I want to preface that this manga IS PORNOGRAPHIC. This means some of you, who can't read will get something out of the artwork. Or maybe not. Some of you read the pictures, and then stare at the story text. I pity you... you're missing the best part of this manga. ----- This manga has a very good story in it, and for those of you who understand subtleties, you'll find thatr the sexual inuendo's are actually part of the story plot. So let's look at what we have for a story... This fantasy world (I hate the word 'trope' but is there anything more trop'y than this?), begins its tale with an elf, or maybe not. An elf wanders out of the  forest, walks up to Human Slavers, and asks to be captured. They capture her, placing her in irons, and then takes her to a slave market. Where she is sold almost immediately to a buyer for a Viscount, who has become one by the death of his father, three years earlier. She is in fact, unusually beautiful, even for an elf; and is rapidly accepted by the Viscount, a young handsome noble. But then she begins to do interesting things, and creates small errors, which she is punished for, which places her closer, and closer, to the noble. This usually revolves around having sexual interludes with him, from which she is more and more a  trusted right-arm of the viscount. He had been working on a project with his father, which bluntly stalled entirely, three years previous. The elf takes a look at the work, which is a magic spell to make rain in the Empire. Not a weapon, an attempt to help with farming. The elf repairs the work, making a full-fledged caster-spell for rain, and then this work finds its way into the palace of the Emperor, and onto the table of the third child of the Emperor, a daughter. The daughter, who is the senior general of the armies of the Empire (because of her heroic acts to suppress the Orc invasions when she was only 12-years old), takes a strong interest in this young fellow, and his spell. She finds herself quite enchanted by him. Hansome, erudite, intelligent, and polite; she is beginning to think he might make a fine consort for herself, into the future. And then there is the elf. Who finished the unfinished spell, who operates on her own agenda, who pushes the Viscount into larger and larger tasks, now gaining the attention of the Princess of the Empire. And there is no such thing as elves with red eyes. This female creature could be anything at all. But she likes to push her agenda, and the occasional sexual interlude. Everybody has their own hobbies. She might even let him have his girlfriend, and the princess... if it gets her agenda across the finish line. 53-episodes so far, the plot is excellent, characters three-dimensional, and a yarn that deserves more attention than just the artwork.

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