Pumpkin Night

Vol: 7+; Ch: 116+
2016 - ?
3.64 out of 5 from 740 votes
Rank #21,877
Pumpkin Night

When Kazuya and his friends were in junior high, they bullied a girl named Naoko, culminating in a prank that severely disfigured her face. Now, years later, Naoko has escaped from a mental institution. Wearing a pumpkin mask, she'll stop at nothing until she finds and tortures those who made her life hell, gleefully killing anyone that stands in her way.

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First and foremost, this story includes: racism (specifically rampant anti-blackness), homophobia, transphobia, slurs of every kind, and things such as attempted assault played for laughs. Whether this is all on the author or added by the translator, it's impossible to avoid if you read the English version so keep that in mind. The concept and main character, Naoko, have a lot of potential and honestly the idea of a wild pumpkin killer girl drew me in, and her personality really sold me on her. And I do give points for it. However, it went from what felt like a horror comedy that liked excessive gore and fan service, to getting more and more ridiculous and questionable. And I'm not just referring to the points above, the plot is already thin and that's ok, but it gets extremely ridiculous as it goes on.  It's hard to really enjoy a story when every page either spouts a childish joke or says trans people shouldn't exist and mocks black people. I know there's a good chance this is all due to the translator, but you can't keep saying "well that's just the translator's opinion and it's not part of the story"  Naoko's story was interesting, and I kept reading to see what would happen, but it just got worse and nothing is worth sitting through all the unbearable parts. And yes I understand dark humor and intense stories, but this was just too much for me personally and it felt like a 4Chan user was writing a darkfic with as many shocking, offensive and gross scenes as possible.

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