Ch: 68
2016 - 2017
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Mel, a renowned heart surgeon, lives a carefree life with sex being a tool for joy rather than a show of affection. Then she meets someone that turns her view of love and life upside down. This story is about two people that meet with minimal expectations but soon become enthralled in a relationship that changes everything about themselves.

Source: Lezhin

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Pulse is Ratana Satis's 2nd work following her success of Lily Love. This webtoon focuses on the relationship between a doctor and a patient. It also has a sort of tragic ring to the story that I'm sure will attract and appeal to readers out there. This also includes a bit of mature content however it doesn't always focus on it. Painstaking and attractive is the perfect words to describe this webtoon comic. Pulse also includes plenty of cute interactions and comedic moments that help enhances the reader's enjoyment. Plot/Story: Pulse's plot is definitely heart-capturing as it features a severly sick Lynn who views the world as a child and 'love' as something from a fantasy world that is beautiful. She's innocent but definitely not foolish, Lynn eventually falls head over heels for Mel (a well-known surgeon from the hospital she goes to) who is the complete opposite of her. Mel is your typical play girl who feels that love is nothing more but a tool for fun and games. She fools around with her co-workers using her charms to attract them. The base of the plot is strong with a 'sort of' tragic ring to it and that really adds to the element of the story. Interactions between both characters are cute and at the same time sexy. I rate 8.5/10. Art: Ratana Satis is a thai artist that has made a name for herself. Her art has and always will be amazing, this is one level up from Lily Love (her 1st work) as Pulse comes in full colour. The attention given to the characters ae realistic and simple, yet alluring and beautiful. The artist really views art as the core of the comic as she pours her heart into drawing and creating them. The art style is unique and the characters are given a very mature touch to them. I absolutely love it. I rate 9/10. Characters: The way both characters are matched up are just perfect. Usually a character lineup like this is quite common but Pulse made it work well. Character development is huge for Mel and focuses on how she eventually change herself because of how much she loves Lynn. The development is steady and amazing, to add on, it isn't being pushed on like other comics. I rate 8.5/10. Overall: Pulse has a good and steady plot and is very well written, the artist does not try to rush over the story or attempt to extend the story more than it already is. On the upside this comic is already completed! An amazing work by an amazing artist. I rate 8.5/10. Personal Opinion: Very much like any other Yuri comic out there Pulse is one of my personal favourite as the story is bright and colourful with a hint of angst including heart-wrenching moments. The character interactions can leave its viewers squeling in delight.


If you are looking for a mature, realistic yuri manga, I can only recommend the first 30-35 chapters, if you go any further you'll be disappointed.  Characters & Story: The start was kind of slow, but after around chapter 8, I was hooked and interested to see how the story progressed. Needless to say my biggest complain is the final arc of the manga. Up until about chapter 35 (or so, can't remember exactly), the story was believable, and the romance was sweet. But then, out of nowhere the plot became more and more unreal, to the point that I was eye-rolling on each chapter. I kept reading just to see how it would end but it was a disappointment. That final arc destroyed all the work done in the first 30-ish chapters. Such an ending would have been OK in an over-the-top, overly dramatic manhwa but this is clearly geared towards a mature audience, so I don't really know what happened. My guess is that the editor or whomever was in charge of the publication asked the author to come up with a more dramatic plot line or a "bigger climax", but who knows and who cares, the end result is there. Art: The art is great. No complaints here. Top of the line. Nice lines, framing and colors. By far the best aspect of this manga is the art. Last words: A lot of people really like this manga, and I did too for the most part. Just because I disliked the final arc, I can't say this is a bad manga. It has its merits.  I've also read Lily Love, from the same author and I felt like it was better handled but it still became kind of a mess by the final arc. I guess it's a recurring theme with this author.

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