Alt title: Feng Zi

Ch: 90
2018 - 2019
3.889 out of 5 from 368 votes
Rank #8,018

In a moment of carelessness, he agrees to a "kill exchange" with a psycho. Regret and fear, followed by threats, make him realize that he has nowhere to run. He becomes attached, then addicted… and then he falls in love. He falls apart. He goes insane. Mysterious and cunning madman x ruthless straight guy. This will be dark but pure, sweet but cruel. Please enjoy their story that is about to begin...

Source: Bilibili Comics

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(This is my first time writing a review so don't mind it if it's weird) SPOILERS HERE! okay well, honestly, I didn't really enjoy the story. It was unreal and i mostly ship the main characters, but I didn't like it here.. so first, this story is about someone (Zach) that's just living a normal life like anyone else. Then he meets someone online (Hare)  and they are going to exchange murder. They are both going to murder someone the other person hates.. after it's done, Zach doesn't want anything to do with this person anymore. After awhile a friend brings someone with him who out of nowhere Hare is! Hare is deeply in love with Zach! Hare begins stalking Zach and actually the story just continues with them increasing their relationship. After awhile Zach's family starts to tell him that he should leave Hare, Hare also kept video tapes of Zach where he was showering.. this made Zach decide that he should leave Hare but before he has his chance Hare locks him up in a prison so Zach can't leave.. after a time of trying to escape and failing he started going a lil insane.. he wants to kill Hare, that's his only way to be free!! In the end he killed Hare but not lime he wanted cause.. when he killed him he woke up!  that's where I finally began to show interest for this story. turns out that Hare wasn't the psycho but Zach! Hate was an illusion in Zachs mind and Hare wasn't the person who killed all these people but Zach! The Hare in this world has a daughter and divorced a year ago.. Zach doesn't want to believe this and he got so insane.. that he ends up killing himself.... okay so this sounds like a sad story and it really is! But for Zach it wasn't.. he just wanted to be with the person he loved and that happened! Cause in his mind he didn't commit suicide on his own.. he sees it as becoming the Nature with Hare (the bull illusion) by his side! this way he doesn't seem to find it sad.. okay so my real opinion? this story is mind blowing and i'm happy that i read it. I'll remember this story..

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