Promise Cinderella

Vol: 13+; Ch: 94+
2018 - ?
4.291 out of 5 from 70 votes
Rank #3,471
Promise Cinderella

“For me to have fallen this low at the age of 27...there has to be a reason for it. Happiness only exists because pain does too, after all.” Full-time housewife Hayame lives a simple and peaceful life. But when her husband suddenly asks for a divorce and her purse is stolen, she is forced to live on the streets without a penny to her name. In the midst of all this hardship, a rich and mean-spirited high school boy named Issei steps into her life. Her encounter with this guy soon turns her "peaceful" world upside down...

Source: Comikey

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Wonderful art wasted on a nonsensical plot.  The premise was interesting at first, but the OOC and forced plot ruined it for me. At first glance, FL is a strong person and I was really liking her. It's alright if she cries. It's perfectly fine to express her emotions. She's suffered a lot of hardships. But then, she makes really bad decisions. What does the author want her to be? Pick one: either experienced in life as she's gone through many hardships, or naive. Heck, the author even made FL say herself that she was a cunning person. Where did all that street smarts go? Out the door for the plot. There are chapters where this granny (ch 14-ish) comments "Oh you got such bright eyes for someone who went through a lot in life". Yes? Logically, if a person has gone through and seen a lot in their life, they wouldn't be acting like a newborn baby. Why is the author making the FL switch constantly between plain bad decisions and street-smart? It makes no sense and irritates me. Also, the scenes where FL trudges after ML were comedic for 1 second, and then I felt annoyed. Why is the author making a self-proclaimed "strong, independent woman" follow after ML like she has no mind of her own? ML is a teen. I will say I have a bias against age gap stories, but I won't mind it too much if it were a good story. But this is an age gap between a 17-year-old kid and a 27-year-old woman. Errr feels a bit weird knowing that he's underaged, even though it's only one year until 18. Anyway, other than the relatively insignificant (illegal? what's the age of consent in Japan?) age gap, the ML is extremely irritating. He's a plain asshole. Oh yes, he gets character development. But it just... doesn't excuse his bratty actions. He's controlling and treats things like games... but wait, that's because of his *tragic* backstory where rich broken family brother angst jealousy blah blah. Nah man, I've read this many times. If this was real life, yes, I'd sympathise, but this is a story and the tragic Bad Boy trope has been done many, many times. He only gets a pass because he's rich and handsome. Is this another story where "bad-boy" ML changes because of his love for FL? Another one of those tsunderes? Well, it seems like it's going in that direction. *It is my fault for not reading the sypnosis correctly. It literally describes him as a jackass, so what should I have expected? The husband is plain infuriating. That's the point of his existence - to constantly apologize for his crappy actions and be the cowardly cheating b*stard for readers to hate on. I enjoyed hating him. I sense some brother of ML drama too. Maybe bro and ML fight to "get" FL? Based on the foreshadowing and current tropes in the story, the cliche drama love-triangle will probably happen. The art is great. I love the character designs. FL looked super cool with her short hair and bright eyes. ML is very handsome. The proportions were good, the facial expressions are great, and the shadows and light are drawn well to fit moods and expressions.  It's a bit of a shame the plot is so meh. I recommend you read this if you don't mind forced plots and characters acting out of character, and like spicy drama. I turned off my brain for this manga, but my irritation couldn't be turned off.

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