Project ARMS

Alt title: ARMS

Vol: 22; Ch: 241
1997 - 2002
3.78 out of 5 from 52 votes
Rank #5,633
Project ARMS

Ryo Takatsuki injured his right arm in an accident years ago. The resulting surgery brought about some unexpected, but not entirely unwelcome changes -- enhanced healing along with the presence of a superweapon dubbed "ARMS" in his body. But with all power comes a price, and with newfound allies who share his predicament, he must battle a secret organization trying to control the ARMS while trying to find the truth behind the weapon in his body for himself...

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DoodlebugFour's avatar
DoodlebugFour Mar 9, 2019
Score 8/10

As someone who has seen the anime 1st before it's manga. It's an interesting read to see how the source material turned out. As well as more well presented and rich it was. Story: The initial set up is still the same, Ryo Takatsuki is a seemingly normal student who finds himself provoking the interest of new student Hayato Shingu, eventually leading to pursuing him to an abandoned building late at night when... read more

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