Priscilla's Marriage Proposal

Alt title: Priscilla-ui Gyeolhon Uiroe

Ch: 130
2020 - 2023
3.979 out of 5 from 1,219 votes
Rank #4,144
Priscilla's Marriage Proposal

Spunky mercenary mage Priscilla Mortia sets out on her final mission: to reclaim the last 15 years of her tragic life. Using a mana stone called the Dragon Heart, she travels back in time to when her family ruled over the land. While Priscilla’s goal is to reawaken her magical powers by obtaining the Dragon Heart in the past, she must survive the sinister plots of her wicked stepmother and her elderly fiance. To aid in her quest she seeks out Kian Lustin, a renowned swordsman who once captured her heart. But why does their fateful first meeting seem strangely familiar? Can Priscilla finally gain Kian's allegiance and claim her rightful seat as the heir to House Mortia?

Source: TappyToon

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Couldnt get my self to like this to be honnest, the story was to much about her past and its a big flaw in stories like this where they focus to much in the past thats irrelevant now after they gone back in time. Also the mercenairy she offers diamond mine and and everything to, the one  who already owe her dead father a great debht doesnt make sense at all, a guy gets so much help and the one time he can pay back the debht he literally robbs the MC blind???? Also before she went back in time she let her whole area fall to ruin and did nothing to stop it even though she understod the consept if you use money and go broke things go bad, so if she is so amazingly stupid its hard to hold a handle for her, as she already proven she dont got much og a brain to use sadly. As a last thing to point out, the stepmother spesificly loves jewels, gold and hems, so if she made such a big land go bankrupt because of her spending on those items it wouldnt been a problem, as gold,gems and emeralds dont lose value, so even if the MC sold all the stuff her stepmum had brought they could easly played back the debht, even if they sold them cheap as the land ut self gets taxes from the public, so its impossible to lose money unless the stepmum was addicted to consumable stuff that can be resold, but that wasnt the case, she brought jewels and crap with dont lose value. So all in all nothing in this story makes sense, you could say the mercenairy thing made sense as as him being a worse guy than the stepmum and the fiance before time loop, but the writer is trying to make the mercenairy the good guy, so got no bloody idea why he would make him robb the MC so badly.


Summary Sick of bad writing? Rushed or abandoned plotlines? Weak female leads that rely too much on the male lead, or end up a supporting character in their own story? Fed up with unhealthy and downright toxic relationships? Tired of male leads being either doormats, knights in shining armor, or straight up toxic "alpha males"? Want a good story with realistically written characters and healthy representations of relationships (and not just romantic ones)? READ THIS!!! Sincerely, give this story a try. Don't be discouraged by all the awful manhwa/manga/manhua that have tricked you into wasting your time with unfullfilled promises. This one delivers in full on everything, more than you can imagine. If you still feel discouraged, please read my mostly spoiler free full review below (and feel free to ask questions or give corrections/critiques). Full Review - By someone who has finished all of Priscilla's Marriage Proposal - I'm typically a pretty critical person when it comes to rating things. Not at all to say I don't have my guilty pleasures (I can easily enjoy a shallow story with bad writing or subpar art), I'll happily rate something I enjoy at 1/10 if that's what it deserves. Having said that, Priscilla's Marriage Proposal is absolutely amazing! It's my most favorite of any second chance/isekai manhwa, in every aspect. It's so rare for me to find something that I'd even desire to RE-READ (my memory is annoyingly good). Story:From beginning to end, this is so well done. If you've only read a few chapters and feel like it's lacking or are upset that things aren't being addressed: KEEP READING.It's so rare that everything ends up being addressed at some point in the story, without anything feeling overly rushed or lazily written. I saw someone complain that the story didn't make sense, that characters were poorly written, and that the main character was dumb... all I could think was: "Did they only read 10 chapters, make assumptions (perhaps they read too many bad manhwa beforehand), and have no idea what trauma and lack of power/opportunity means?" Sincerely, this manhwa is so good when it comes to how the story is written out, I don't want to say anything that could possibly spoil the story so I'll leave it at that! Art: While some manhwa are a struggle to get through with clunky or overly flowery art, this doesn't seem to suffer from any of those issues! The characters are well drawn with a surprising amount of variation. Ever notice how way too many male characters all look the same in a lot of manwha? This manhwa is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to artistic character design! Not even mentioning the beautiful backgrounds and effects. The only complaint I have it the occasional clunkiness of certain models. I say models because I'm quite sure they used 3d models to draw over. This isn't really much of an issue for me since most manwha do this anyway (almost always with the horses). But it did get, as I said, a little clunky at times (especially right at the end, I hope you'll see what I mean). However, I must add... the horses... Are actually some of the best horses I've seen in manwha!!! While it's quite clear that they do use 3d models like just about every other manwha, they are not lazy with it and draw over it perfectly to make it fit just right! True, it looks just a little overly detailed compared to other designs, but it doesn't pull your attention away like in some other manwhas.Characters: Here is where I truly fell in love with this story ❤️❤️❤️ (character growth spoilers here) Main Character (female lead) - The main character is a strong female lead with a traumatic past. Anyone who has faced abuse, neglect, or someone trying to control your entire life will resonate very well with this character. In her second chance she retains her skills and confidence from her past (aka. her past future), and doesn't back down for anyone. She's a true fighter and takes responsibility for everyone that she can. She isn't selfish, or selfless, a very healthy mix. Though, of course, it takes a bit of growth for her to stop putting so much on herself. She also maintains and pushes for a very equal relationship with her partner, maintaining equal footing with him. She's never afraid to fight for him, and will let him fight for her (as long as he won't get hurt). Male Lead - The best male lead ever hands down no contest. Okay so that might just be my personal opinion (I am biased because he reminds me of my partner ❤️). Alright, so this might be even more of a spoiler but I must include this in my review:The relationship between the Male lead and Main character is perhaps the most healthy and mutual relationship I have ever seen anywhere. The male lead lacks absolutely any toxic masculinity, drops any senseless pride (note I said senseless), and pretty much simps over the Main Character. At the same time he remains absolutely badass, stands up for his partner in every way (including, as said, dropping any senseless pride, instead replacing it with pride for her), and maintains pride in his own skills and abilities. He's not a doormat, and he's not a knight in shining armor. He's her partner, and one of the strongest and most talented people in the world. The two never really conflict.Other Characters - I love just about every character in this. The only complaint I could think of would be that the villains are sort of one-dimensional... If you don't already know that there are actual people like that in reality, then that could be bothersome. But really, I don't mind it at all. The villains are more so obstacles to get through. People who take advantage of the weak and inopportune (such as the Main Character before her second chance), it simply makes sense that someone getting a second chance would be able to turn the tables on such scum. The supporting characters overall are very well written, no one does anything for free, but that doesn't make them greedy. People look out for their best interests, while at the same time doing their best for those they care about and those who helped them. (Except for the villains, of course.) Overall - I started this manwha for the strong female lead, and before I knew it, I was completely invested not in the comuppance for those who wronged her, but in the healthy relationships and completely mutual love shared between the Male and Female leads. It's not truly the female lead that takes the forefront, but the strong and equal relationship the two share. Two people fighting together for their future and dreams that they share!

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