Principles of Heavens (Novel)

Alt title: Apotheosis (Novel)

Ch: 3913
2014 - 2020
4.21 out of 5 from 45 votes
Rank #5,593
Principles of Heavens (Novel)

Luo Zheng fell from a prodigy of the family to a lowly family slave, unintentionally trained himself into a weapon. The curtains revealed the starting of a stand for himself. He marched to the peak, relying on a body comparable to God tier weapon and an unyielding will and faith. The strong contend for supremacy, different clans contend resources and land, causing the wind to blow and the clouds to move. Using a God tier body, to rival against the world strongest opponents, when Luo Zheng opened his eyes, a legend began…

Source: NU

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