Principles of Heavens

Alt titles: Apotheosis, Bai Lian Cheng Shen, Forged Success

Ch: 534+
2015 - ?
4.332 out of 5 from 892 votes
Rank #1,165
Principles of Heavens

Zen Luo, the former Young Lord of Luo family, is now a humble slave whose father died and younger sister was held in detention by a powerful sect. He has suffered so much both physically and mentally. However, his life started to get better when he found the secret Weapon Creation technique in a book of his fathers. Could the human body be a weapon? What was the mysterious force behind all this? It is a challenge from fate awaiting Zen Luo.

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I have read many cultivation-based comics (or whatever) and by far, this is one of the best. Many cultivation-themed reads tend to focus on a single Qi-based entity but Apotheosis goes to the next level and our MC is refining many Cultivations. The only downside to this (if it is one) is that the author of the manhua skipped a lot of the beginning(*1) to skip a lot of content that they considered 'unimportant' as a result, it may leave the reader confused at times but one tends to pick up on what is going on. Luckily, a scanlation team (Trash-Scanlations(*2)) explained many of the skipped content in the comment pages of chapters so if you're interested, I recommend starting off with reading from Trash-Scanlations* and then move on to mangatoonscans. Obviously, with a manhua that is cultivation-based, the MC will be a cocky brat that one loves and roots for. However, I do believe that the author manages to execute a likable MC and friends which is the most important part. Also, the setting of the story is everchanging so the only characters that are fully able to develop are mainly the MC's sect friends and MC TL;DR:IMO one of the best cultivation reads, a lot of unimportant(*1) skipping, in the beginning, resulting in a little confusion but one catches up quick. Good characters, setting, and pace. The pacing is super important and this read does it amazingly. T/N: This is my first and likely only review of anything; that just goes to show how much I've enjoyed this read and hope others do as well. (Like I've read other cultivation reads but none deserve praise imo, I know that they're very similar but for someone that loves cultivation reads, totally recommend.)(*1)A lot of content was skipped that the author of manhua believed to be filler content, this was likely done to catch up to the juicy juice :)(*2)Trash Scanlations have separated so at some point they stopped translating the manhua, their scanlation of the manhua is top-notch and they also add their own comments on useful information that isn't explained thoroughly or vague.

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