Princess to the Rescue!

Alt titles: Guhaejuseyo, Gongjunim!, Save Me, Princess

Ch: 44
3.511 out of 5 from 116 votes
Rank #22,900
Princess to the Rescue!

Claudia De Porto is a dear princess of Porto who was about to have the most perfect 19th birthday party with her brother Juverin, who had prepared her birthday party to be everything she dreamed of, and Prince Kim, who was going to propose to her. However, right in the middle of Prince Kim's proposal, Porto Castle bursts into flames from Demon King's attack. Later, Claudia finds out that her kingdom has lost its valuable treasure and her brother a heart from the attack. Claudia falls into the great spirit Desire's plan and becomes the next hero to save her brother and her kingdom. But... she has to go on the journey with her ex-fiancé, Demian Alphen. Will Claudia, who grew up sheltered by her brother Juverin her whole life, be able to cross the forbidden sea of death and get everything back from the Demon King?

Source: Pocket Comics

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The story sure starts out irritatingly. The King is introduced as a bad leader who dotes too much on his younger sister. The younger sister named Claudia, our MC, is depicted as a typical ignorant princess - naive and delicate. I considered dropping after the first few chapters because I found them annoying, especially the incompetent King. But I sensed some room for character development, so I continued. Sir Alphen is my favourite character. He's blunt without being rude, and is in general a bit different from the stoic-and-quiet male lead archetype. He speaks his mind, but he speaks it appropriately. Personally, I found that the ministers were right in their view that the princess was useless. She's done nothing all her life, why should she be respected? Ah, of course, because she holds the princess title, so don't exclude her from your decisions!... said Sir Alphen. Yeah, I didn't really like that, but anyway, not a dealbreaker. The plot was... eh. The spirit "Desire" is a meh plot device. Only the Porto royal family can wield it, and Claudia's the last member left, so she HAS to be the one to do it! Ehhhh, okay, whatever you say, author.  I was really going to drop it at this point. But then, a scene happened. The spirit (aka sword) criticized the brother (aka the King) for what happened. It said he shouldn't have protected Claudia from all hardships. Then, we're shown the extent of the brother's desire for his sister's happiness (no sister-con here). The sister gets some realization and becomes more strong-willed a teeny tiny bit. Ooh inching towards character development. That's when I thought the story could manage to be readable. In fact, I'll raise the ratings if there is good character development later on.  The journey starts, and Claudia is as fussy as ever - typical princess behaviour. I know it makes sense that she can't just do a 180, but her behaviour still irritates me. Sir Alphen gives the philosophy of truth over politeness straight to the princess. He doesn't sugarcoat stuff, but he doesn't say it in a hurtful way either. The princess is upset by his words, but does acknowledge their truth. I'm seeing some development there. The comedy is done alright. I occasionally chuckled at some scenes. The art is good, though nothing too special. I was surprised the webtoon had sensible messages in it. For example, if you wish for someone to have lasting happiness, you shouldn't bubble-wrap them and shelter them from every bad life experience.

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