Princess Jellyfish

Alt title: Kuragehime

Vol: 17; Ch: 84
2008 - 2017
4.221 out of 5 from 1,108 votes
Rank #729
Princess Jellyfish

Tsukimi is an otaku and jellyfish enthusiast whose only means of coping with the world is to reject it: she and her friends live in a house they declare a man-free zone, generally avoid 'stylish people', and spend their days blissfully bonding over geeky rituals. As misfortune would have it, their convenient existence is about to be turned on its head by the arrival of Kuranosuke, a seemingly beautiful young woman who is actually a beautiful young man. While he may be strange even by their standards, Kuranosuke embodies everything Tsukimi secretly dreams of being - a princess as ethereal as a floating jellyfish - and promises the kind of mind-boggling adventures only possible when geek meets chic!

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STORY The story starts off really well. You meet the amars which in other terms are considered otakus and they live in a building which the government are trying to abolish. Tsukimi is a girl obsessed with jellyfish and shes so cute and likeable. After saving Clara her pet jellyfish she meets a woman or supposedly a woman. In reality he is a male who loves to crossdress and his name is Kuranosuke Koibuchi From there they create a bond together with the amars and try to save the building they reside in. the overall story is about a group of people growing out of their shells. It also deals with a lot of important and everyday situations ART The art is something i really enjoyed it was very refreshing since all the characters had such drastic facial expressions most of the time.  The art style was able to compliment the manga and the characters, it helped to bring the personality that was unique to all the characters together, making it coherent and insync. CHARACTERS I feel like this was something amazing and annoying all the same. The characters definitely had unique personalities and it showed when they were together. Some characters i really hated in this manga were Mayaya and Shu Koibuchi. Mayaya was constantly ruining things and not just because shes quirky like other characters but because she wasn't bothered. She would constantly get in the way of tsukimi and Kuranosuke who wanted to help them. she was always yelling and complaining about everything, at some point it became pointless to read and i ended up skipping a lot of her dialogue. Shu for me was weird. i dont know why people like him he's 30 crushing on a 20 year old. It felt like he preasured her to be his girlfriend and it was so uncalled for. Granted what happened to him wasn't great in the slightest and should definitely have more awareness around it but regardless, he was irritating. He was and is essentially a 30 year old virgin who takes absolutely everything way too serious and assumes a girlfriend means marriage. it was so over dramatic too in my opinion. That being said i did enjoy this manga and the characters it had i love Kuranosuke he was so charming and was honestly a true gentleman, even though he was a cross dresser. He knew what was best for the amars and was also able to push them to be better. while his older brother Shu felt like he was asserting himself into situations he wasn't suppose to be in. Overall, i would rate this an 8/10 i did hate many characters but i feel like this manga was a great depiction on what life is, not everyone can be likeable and this manga was able to show it well. the art stype for me was a strong point to this manga because the facial expressions were amazing and made it all the more fun to read.

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