Prime Minister in Disguise

Ch: 123+
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Prime Minister in Disguise

A talented man entered the palace to win the favor of the emperor for his younger sister. How could he do that under the cover of a woman in the cruel and complex harem? And what story would he have with the Emperor and the Prime Minister? Not only does he have to fight for the position, but also fall in love for his sister. Will he achieve his goal? What will happen after the Emperor find out the truth? 

Source: MangaToon

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1Penny4yourThoughts Jun 17, 2019
Score 10/10

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  First thing first, this manga may read as a superficial and easy comic/romantical read after the first chapters. Just want to say, that is far from the case. Secondly, I want to warn readers that it is a slow burn (don't expect a romantic relationship early on from the main couple).  Now, the story gets more complex, detailed and exciting as the story progresses. There are... read more


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