Pregnant In Boy's School

Alt title: Nindan: Danshikou de Ninshin Shita Ore

Vol: 5; Ch: 35
2017 - 2020
3.494 out of 5 from 397 votes
Rank #29,703
Pregnant In Boy's School

"Bear my child." Even though I hate it, my body reacts to the feel of his finger inside... Even my childhood friend is driven wild by my "pregmen" pheromones…

Source: Coolmic

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Sooo, there are a lot more than 35 chapters to start with (there's actually 90), following that - the summary does NOT summarize this well at all (I'll leave a more fitting summary after this). I find it kinda sad that the only reviews on here are short and 1/10's. Personally, I have liked how the story has developed, as well as the amount of character development. It has its cliches of course, but they're not too bad. I wasn't sure of it in the beginning, but as the amount of chapters increase - so does my interest. Kinda like how you have to watch more than the first 2 episodes of a show to see if it's good - ya know what I mean? I just finished the manga and the ending was so good. I did have a failed expectation because of the title, but I'm still happy with how everything wrapped up. I kinda want some extra chapters to have side stories for some of the other characters and/or to see the title become a reality.  Summary: As a disease that kills off women spreads, pregmen have become a necessity to keep women and humans from going extinct. When Chiharu finds out Izumi (his childhood friend) is a pregman, their friendship starts to turn into something else. While Chiharu is glad, Izumi can't help but wonder if it's really for the best and if Chiharu is only acting like this because Izumi is a pregman. There are a couple other story parts having to deal with Leon (a pregmen and is a "I have a tragic backstory and now refuse to fall in love" type of character), as well as his friends' reactions, etc. - but that will be for the readers to find out themselves :) Hope this helps <3

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