Possibly the Greatest Alchemist of All Time

Alt titles: Izure Saikyou no Renkinjutsushi?, Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist?

Vol: 7+; Ch: 50+
2018 - ?
3.751 out of 5 from 425 votes
Rank #15,451
Possibly the Greatest Alchemist of All Time

Takumi Iruma, although not a hero, got caught up in a hero summoning spell and was reborn in another world. As an apology for getting him involved, a goddess of this world agreed to grant him any skill he wanted! He was hoping to use a humble crafting skill to live a peaceful and modest life in this other world, without having to battle anyone... but the Alchemy skill he was granted turned out to be the most powerful skill with the ability to create anything from a holy sword to a flying ship! With the cheat-level skills he acquires by chance, he makes a lot of money in business and is unbeatable in battles!

Source: Alpha Manga

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[Review: dropped by chapter 25] I've been waiting and put this manga on hold for years cuz of no tranlsation or bad ones, and now official translations are finally out. I'm dissapointed.  ------------------------ It's the same old slow life manga. Wimpy MC that apologizes for nothing and acts as a pushover with no backbone.  MC screams when confused or emabarassed or ashamed and acts childish. Example: MC makes something, uses it, but gets ashamed of himself and screams, then elf breaks into the room to his rescue. Now what the heck was that scream for? if you're ashamed, just shut your mouth and deal with it.  Why does he keep apologizing for nothing, like when she's the one who intruded on his bath? These MCs are frustrating to no end and we all know he doesn't have the balls to take her up on her offer. Jfc these virgin cuck japanese isekai protagonists smh. Why are manga MC's all confused and spineless wimps? Author gave MC a bunch of girls around him just for the heck of it as eye candy. Author thinks comedy is when MC gets caught wearing girls panties and getting hit, smh. Everyone is nice and good with no bad intentions (Later explained as part of blessing). But it's stupid, MC sells potions to merchant, merchant quotes a price and MC shouts it's too much and gets panicked and wants merchant to give lower price, and of course cuz merchant is good guy, the MC gets good money without scam.  Examples of this are all over the place. Good guy characters are everywhere.  All characters here are good guys, it's one dimensional.  ------------------- We get all cliches here:  slaves (girls) loli  pathetic mc with op growth all characters are good guys --------------------- I thought this manga would be a relaxing slow life with a chill MC cuz of the first few chapters, but after more than 20 chapters, It turned out to be the same as all other mangas. Worst of all is that this isn't chill, MC will get embroiled in the heroes fight. There's also some history introduced. Mc is in country b, while country a and country c had a war, his elf girls is from country a, so of course country c is the bad guy here. The same goes for the heroes. Goddess is on the side of MC so the other side of the coin against the goddess has to be the bad guy, in this case it's the country that summoned the heroes. I bet that later we'll find out that they were the ones supporting country c to start a war cuz they're supremists and cuz they want more power, they summoned heroes. It's just so predictable and one dimensional. -----------------

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