Pokémon: Sun & Moon

Alt title: Pocket Monsters SPECIAL: Sun Moon

Vol: 6; Ch: 37
2017 - 2019
4.139 out of 5 from 36 votes
Rank #6,337
Pokémon: Sun & Moon

Moon is on her way to deliver a rare Pokémon to Professor Kukui in the Alola region when she meets his good friend Sun, a courier entrusted with a special Pokédex. Sun offers to safely deliver Moon to the professor’s lab… But then they tangle with a group of grunts from Team Skull and are attacked by a mysterious Pokémon!

Source: Viz

This manga covers the Sun & Moon arc of Pokemon Adventures, and was released as a special tankobon set. The chapters will also be released in the Pokemon Adventures sequential tankobon.

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