Poison Dragon: The Legend of an Asura

Ch: 40+
2021 - ?
4.239 out of 5 from 457 votes
Rank #2,548
Poison Dragon: The Legend of an Asura

The long history of the Medical Sect is followed by complete and utter annihilation. In a hellhole of despair, where corpses pile up like mountains and blood flows like the sea, ‘Asura’ finally awakens. I’ll kill every single one of them. It won’t be over until I’ve killed them all. The sole survivor of the Medical Sect’s, Jin Ja Gang. Follow his lonesome path to vengeance!

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To start of this manhwa is very VERY good! unlike majority of other cultivation manhwa this is original and unique in its own way. In that it follows a MC that doesnt exactly gain insane OP strength from the get go or via non sensical means, instead his power is poison itself (or venom however you want to put it) he adaptapbly learns this very early on knowing that this is his core strength. And make no mistake he dam well puts it to good use!At the start of the manwha the MC is what you would think of a child, While he might adapt extremely quickly he still makes silly mistakes as a child would, Further cementing how well the story is written. He will gain some training about early to mid way through (Current latest chapter being @ 38 right now) but only the basics, so the reliance is still there for his core strength. He methodically plans out attacks and strategizes for his targets in a very appealing wayArt is undeniably VERY good!Overall if youre looking for a refreshing manhwa this could be it for you. However if all youre looking for is an insane power gaining manhwa, Then im sorry to say youd be better reading this elsewhere as i noticed quite a few people upset how he still lacks "Plot Power"Also so as to not spoil to much. youl either love it or hate how good the main villian is in this. but i think its weird but enjoyable way for the MC to prograss as a character in a whole!-Edit-13/6/21 - grammar mistakes + minor edits to better convay the message!

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