Plus-Sized Elf

Alt title: Elf-san wa Yaserarenai.

Vol: 8; Ch: 47
2016 - 2021
3.707 out of 5 from 275 votes
Rank #17,849
Plus-Sized Elf

Naoe-kun, a massage therapist, is about to head home for the day when he's saddled with a rather strange patient. This lovely lady has emerald eyes, pointy ears, and grew up in the forest–everything about her screams “elf,” except for one thing: her bodacious body. It turns out she left her world but loves junk food in this one, and now her obsession has caught up with her. Can Naoe-kun help this loveable elf girl lose the weight–and keep it off?

Source: Seven Seas

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The series is a reverse-Isekai...well, what I mean by that is that instead of the main character going to another world like getting hit by Truck-kun, the fantasy world drains into his. Naoe Tomoatsu is a massage therapist at Smiley Boar who is given the task of helping a forest elf named Erufuda lose weight. You see, when she came to Earth, she discovered the glorious food known only as French fries. As such...she gained some weight, so she wants that shaved off before she could head home. But of course, the main issue is her poor diet consisting of that tasty, tasty treat.   So, as you probably would have expected, this is a BBW manga where most of the thrill comes from watching big ladies trying to exercise, but often, like in Erufuda's case, failing by relapsing into her old behavior. Or if you want to see fantasy monster girls engorge themselves silly, this is also a good read. The comedy is also on point.   The art work is great for what it's trying to achieve, that being showing off fanservice whether it be pudgy bellies or butts. You can tell a lot of detail is put into the scenes.   The characters are good. Naoe is someone who is willing to assist these girls in losing weight, though he could be somewhat too nice for his own good. Erufuda is hilarious with her love of French fries and is often the butt of the jokes.   Then Kuroeda. She is a Dark Elf, but her issue is that from her lack of exercise, she got a HUGE badonkadonk and is unable to fit into her magical clothing. Due to her species, she finds herself at odds with Erufuda on several occasions. Honestly, she is my favorite in large part because of her dark skin.   A few others include Mero, a mermaid with difficulty swimming; my bae MOMMA Oga, an ogre girl who's wanting to lose weight due to her love of the Earth's alcohol (and she is pretty SWOLL as fuk); Kusanhanada, an alraune with a flower on her head; Raika, a werewolf girl wanting to lose belly fat, etc. All of them are unique and have their own quirks and likability.   Overall, enjoyable read for any into BBW stuff.

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