Pleasure Dome

Alt title: Kanrakukyuu

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
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Pleasure Dome

This standalone volume features five short stories by BL (boy's love) manga master Megumu Minami. Two of the stories, "Desire on Fire" and "Hell for a Fallen Angel," imagine forbidden love between men on opposite sides of famous historical conflicts between British colonists and Hindus and Japanese Christians and the Shogunate, respectively. Incestuous domestic drama takes center stage in "Cantarella," and an awkward financier gets over his fear of French people in "L'Amour: I Belong to You." "Pleasure Dome," the title story, features a despotic, Medieval monarch who forces his subjects into service for his own perverse pleasure. However, the noble lord oversteps his bounds when he enslaves a foreign knight who shares a complicated past with his right-hand man Olivier

Source: MU

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