Please Don't Eat Me! (Novel)

Alt title: Naleul Jabameogji Malajwo (Novel)

Vol: 8; Ch: 156
2019 - 2021
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Please Don't Eat Me! (Novel)

I have reincarnated as Aerta Arlez, the Purifier in a fantasy novel intended for male readers. As the Purifier, I can heal the wizards' minds tainted with 'malignity'. Duke Zahid el Carnoire is the wizard who is in need of me. I did my best to avoid Zahid all my life. Because, if I get intertwined with Zahid, I was going to meet the worst ending that a human can have. Alas, my family went bankrupt even before meeting the protagonist. Now I had to choose between two worst endings. Starve to death or.....? I pondered. In the end, I decided to make a deal with one of my worst endings.

Source: Wattpad

Includes 18 extra chapters.

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