Please Be My First Boyfriend!

Alt title: Cheotsarangi Hago Sipeo

Ch: 50
2021 - 2023
3.734 out of 5 from 161 votes
Rank #16,504
Please Be My First Boyfriend!

Baek Yoojoon seems to have it all: wealth, status, and even good looks. Unfortunately, the one thing he truly desires but can’t have is a boyfriend. Having grown up under a strict grandfather, Yoojoon was never allowed to honestly express his interests, and this included his sexuality. Even as an adult free from his rigid household, Yoojoon only gets his romantic fix through television dramas. But soon, he’s thrown into a dramatic love affair of his own upon meeting Han Heewon. Things aren’t exactly sunshine and rainbows off the bat though. Not only does Yoojoon make all the wrong moves to win his crush’s heart, but Heewon has met all the wrong guys and is now sick of dating altogether. Will these two be able to overcome their shaky start and achieve their happily ever after?

Source: Tappytoon

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