Player Starting From Today

Ch: 31+
2021 - ?
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Player Starting From Today

Hunters are sponsored by patrons. And the twelve most brilliant heroes established Eden, calling themselves gods. That's the time when I, Lee Joon-kyung lived. I lived the life of a cattle like any other ordinary man. One book I had was about a forgotten hero, a bibliography of a true hero. Athena, one of the twelve rulers of Eden, comes to me: 'Do you want to go to the past? More than 100 years ago? To the days when hunters appeared?' This one who sponsored the king supported me. I continue to walk similarly to the life in which the hero lived. I dream of a better future than the king. The power I have now, the hunter beyond the hunter. Being a player. 'I'm a player from today onwards.'

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What the heck is the synopsis on about? Athena wasn't ever in support of our protagonist. In fact, Athena seemed to be trying to actively kill our protagonist. It was Seonggu (a.k.a. Heimdall) who supported Lee Joongyung and who had sent our protagonist back in time 100 years, to the era when the hunters were just starting to arise and the twelve heroes had yet to gain supremacy over the world. Lee Joongyung follows the autobiography of the Demon King in order to help navigate feir actions--for guidance as to which people and events are the most pivotal, historically--and attempts to do things more efficiently and dominatingly than the Demon King had done in the original timeline. With the unique trait called "Player," our protagonist grows stronger simply by defeating monsters (whereas everyone else has to wait for sponsors to strengthen them in order to get boosts in power). Feir sponsor is called the Sky of Apocalypse, the same sponsor that had sponsored the Demon King in the original timeline. There are a few guilds and other groups which vie for power. The first antagonist was the leader of the North Army Guild, who gets soundly outstrategized and defeated by our protagonist. The second antagonist is looking to be the leader of a secret group known as Asgard and I guess we'll see what exactly goes down with that (I'm sure fe'll also get soundly defeated by our protagonist). This is an alright story. It hits some of those buttons for creating a basically entertaining experience. But I wouldn't say that it has anything special going for it. [Reviewed at chapter 26]

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