Plastic Little: Captain's Log

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
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Plastic Little: Captain's Log

Tita is the captain of the Cha-Cha Maru, whose crew hunts exotic animals to sell for profit. One day, by chance, Tita saves the life of a girl named Elysse, whose dangerous past puts the whole crew of the Cha-Cha Maru in harm's way! Now, against the clock, Tita and her gang must stop an insidious plot which threatens the entire world!

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The synopsis is wrong. It appears to be the same synopsis used for the anime, so I have to assume that it's describing the anime instead of the manga. The manga consists of five chapters, with each one focusing on a different member of the crew and feir relationship with the captain Tita. It's a crew sailing the Sea of Clouds and hunting various types of skyfish for pet shops. There's some action and some wistful looks. Each chapter also includes some gratuitous nudity--sometimes just showing Tita or Mei's boobs while they're bathing, sometimes having Nichol walk in on a topless Tita and getting a nosebleed. With how much Tita seems to enjoy being topless in feir own room and how much fe doesn't appreciate being seen topless by Nichol, one would think that fe'd lock feir door... The eyes feel weirdly angled and/or indented onto the face, probably because the artist is comfortable drawing them from certain angles and does so even if that sometimes makes the facial proportions seem to change from panel to panel. There are also a lot of close-ups of characters, and not enough world-building. I mean, I definitely get the feeling of sci-fi, but that's about the extent of my immersion into the world. The art also fails at capturing the currents within the clouds, or even the fact that the ship is sailing within the clouds (which is pretty vital). There are some questions I have about the plot which aren't ever answered (or if they are, they aren't adequately clear). What is a death hole, what exactly does it do to a ship, and why was it necessary for Gen to sacrifice feir life? Why did Jeff need Balboa specifically to deal with those mafia guys, and why was feir life beyond saving? How did Tita get Ietta Fever if it was supposedly eradicated?

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