Pixiu's Eatery, No Way Out

Alt title: Pixiu Fanguan, Zhi Jin Bu Chu

Ch: 140+
2020 - ?
4.388 out of 5 from 151 votes
Rank #82
Pixiu's Eatery, No Way Out

When the old demon Pixiu went out to take out the trash, he ended up with a male ghost falling into his lap. This male ghost had flawless features and had an incredibly low body temperature, which made him the perfect bolster for Pixiu who struggled with a natural curse of an unbearably hot body. Pixiu swore to the heavens that he would only use this ghost as a bolster, nothing more! Yet nobody believed him. He would go on to declare, "Even though the strings of fate have been tied on me, I will remain single." Pixiu often said that as long as he sorted his trash well, a good wife shouldn't be far as well. This comic is also named: I went dumpster diving for a wife (not).

Source: Bilibili Comics

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