Pink de Pink

Vol: 1; Ch: 8
2007 - 2008
2.731 out of 5 from 185 votes
Rank #15,763
Pink de Pink

Sanada Akihito, a student from Yotsuho Academy has been haunted by the angry spirit of a dead girl. In the exorcism that a friend was trying to do, the spirit manages to possess a girl from Akihito's class and now that she has a body, she has worldly desires to satisfy in order to move, and Akihito just looks like her previous boyfriend!

Source: MU

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kilrazan's avatar
kilrazan Feb 12, 2019
Score 6/10

A very short, but quite good little story about spirits and sexuality. Story: There's a lot that takes place in this one, and each chapter feels filled to the brim with plot progression. That said, there's a ton of room for improvement. First of all, it felt a bit rushed. Honestly I feel like it could have been stretched out for a few chapters with the story they have, and maybe add a bit more at the end for... read more

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Gadden Aug 12, 2013
Score 7/10

This manga is about a high school boy named Sanada Akihito who through no fault of his own is targeted by a wandering spirit. When his long time friend Sasano Itsuki, who is also a priestess of Oosazaki-No-Mikoto the goddess of sparrows, tries to exercise the ghost it instead invades the body of Hayakawa Suzu who was in the room trying to retrieve her cell phone. Now with Momo in control of her... read more



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