Pink Conspiracy (Novel)

Ch: 776
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Pink Conspiracy (Novel)

When she first laid eyes on him, she knew that in this lifetime, this youth would not walk out of her heart. She’s the young lady of the General’s Manor. When the enemy country invades, her father was called upon in desperation and hurries to the battlefield. She secretly followed him. When he and her brothers were injured, she struck back with a series of tactics and won over the enemy’s army. While she was returning to the Imperial City, she overhears that the Emperor and Empress Dowager want to select a man from the Imperial City’s Manors to marry Lady Su of the General’s Manor. From the gossip, there are two men who are considered top candidates. One is from the imperial family, a prodigal who’s been raised crooked with no one to control him. The other is from the Emperor’s Father in Law's Manor, whose talent is known throughout the Imperial City.

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