Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo

Alt title: Shin Pet Shop of Horrors

Vol: 12; Ch: 45
2004 - 2012
4.076 out of 5 from 274 votes
Rank #2,264
Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo

Count D's pet shop has had roots in numerous countries, from Germany to America and beyond. Always established in the city's Chinatown, Count D offers a variety of rare creatures to qualified buyers. But with his reputation comes skepticism; Count D's shop is rumored to be involved in human trafficking, selling pets that are said to look like men and women. After being investigated in Los Angeles for these alleged crimes Count D sets up shop in the Red Light District of Shinjuku, Tokyo. He continues to offer his services with a curious smile, all the while under the scrutinizing, suspicious gaze of Woo-Fei Rau, D's new landlord.

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