Pet Shop of Horrors

Vol: 10; Ch: 41
1995 - 1998
4.372 out of 5 from 896 votes
Rank #719
Pet Shop of Horrors

The mysterious Count D owns a pet shop in Chinatown. However, it's no ordinary pet shop: D sells exotic and rare pets that often have the appearance of a human in the eyes of their new owners. Since these animals are so special, each one is only sold if the customer signs a contract agreeing to abide by the instructions provided, or suffer the dire consequences, all whilst conveniently releasing the shop itself from any responsibility. However, when some customers break their contracts and a series of incidents occur as a result, this small business doesn't go unnoticed. Inspector Leon Orcot begins to investigate D, suspecting him of slave smuggling; but can he get to the bottom of the events surrounding the shop, or will he just be dragged into the Count's pace of afternoon tea and cake?

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angelsreviews's avatar
angelsreviews Oct 23, 2013
Score 7/10

Welcome to a shop that makes your wishes a reality… scratch that, this is a shop that will stock the rarest animals in the world that will make your dreams a reality. Sometimes the explanation of this manga and xxxHOLiC sort of mix with each other. The idea is pretty much the same though in that we have the owner of the shop who helps people, a outsider brought into the shop to learn about it, and a by... read more

bollier's avatar
bollier Nov 10, 2010
Score 9.5/10

Before I start this review, I must admit that this is one of my favorite manga, and it might seem a bit biased.  Petshop of Horrors tells the story of Count D, the owner of a mysterious petshop that sells strange and oftentimes dangerous animals. STORY: 9/10For the vast majority of the series, each chapter serves as a self contained story.  Almost each chapter deals with a random person finding... read more

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