Pervert Host Detective

Alt titles: Hentai ★ Host Keiji ♂ Asoko ni Saku Ichirin no Bara, Hentai Host Keiji: Asoko ni Saku Ichirin no Bara

Ch: 2
2011 - 2012
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Pervert Host Detective

"There's never been a criminal he wasn't able to get." Showing up on the scene of a desperate hostage crisis in a papillon mask is this special investigator able to convince any criminal, the legendary "Host Detective"...! Seducing them from every angle, any criminal will fall in love with him hopelessly. Rookie Detective Fujikura Sou is disgusted by the methods of the "Host Detective", but then he finds that the Host Detective's next target is...himself!? He soon finds his virtue under attack!! It's a desperate situation for Sou...!?

Source: Renta!

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