Vol: 6; Ch: 50
1999 - 2001
3.219 out of 5 from 94 votes
Rank #36,435

Mahiru is a student at Fuuga High School and a tremendous brawler; her bandaged arms punish all who dare attack her. Though she dislikes fighting, once in a fight Mahiru refuses to lose - often ending up nude or practically topless in the process!  Outside of fighting, Fuuga High School is a hotbed of scandals ranging from blackmail, attempted rape, teacher-student relationships and much more. Through all this Mahiru must fend off martial artists, wannabe ninjas, boxers, stalkers, infatuated lesbians, and many others as they literally tear each other's clothes off! With a perverted barkeeper as a father and a struggling fashion editor for a mother, Mahiru has no end to her problems!

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