Penguin Revolution

Alt title: Penguin Kakumei

Vol: 7; Ch: 35
2004 - 2007
4.262 out of 5 from 573 votes
Rank #1,700
Penguin Revolution

When Fujimaru's father's business fails he runs away once more and leaves Fujimara on her own to sleep in the park. However, Fujimaru's luck changes when she saves the beautiful vice president of the student council from a guy, only to find out that the vice president is male and cross-dressing as a girl. Ryou works for Peacock, a showbiz company, and it's company policy for their actors to disguise themselves for everyday life. Ryou offers Fujimaru a job as his manager because he needs help getting work, and thus Fujimaru must disguise herself as a boy from henceforth. Can Fujimaru fulfill her obligations, defend Ryou, and keep their secrets safe at the same time?

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