Peerless Dad

Alt title: Abhishek

Ch: 129+
2017 - ?
4.528 out of 5 from 585 votes
Rank #131
Peerless Dad

One martial artist's amazing journey through fatherhood and battles.

Source: MU

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Peerless Dad is a rather unique series, as far as Asian martial arts stories are concerned. Mainly because of something you see in the title: our MC, the warrior Noh, is a dad! Well, at least he is for all of the series except the first chapter. Another thing that sets this series apart is that our MC - contrary to the word Peerless in the title - isn't the strongest in the world or something. It's actually because he became disillusioned that he met his wife and became a dad in the first place. Of course, it wouldn't be a martial arts series if the dad weren't very strong though, but because of certain experiences he ends up underestimating himself. This leads to interesting fights though, especially early on in the series where the MC "fights" in a very atypical way. Anyway, due to certain circumstances, Noh ends up having to raise his kids by himself. Which is kind of problematic, as he never had a real father figure himself and only knows how to kill people. It's interesting how he looks for solutions for all his problems, and it soon shows that Noh isn't highly intelligent, but he does have "street smarts", for lack of a better term. While it's certainly cute to see Noh raise his kids, in between some guard duties and fighting, the kids also actually grow up and become main characters in their own parts of the story. And, to be honest, at times their story is more interesting than Noh's. The art is pretty good too. It's full-color, and while nowhere near the level of Solo Leveling, very pleasant to look at. Especially for the most important aspects, namely fights and facial expressions, it works very well. Also, the muscles always look very impressive. Overall: it's a very good read. While the story isn't all that complex as of now, it's very enjoyable and makes you root for the main characters. Give it a try! I would recommend trying until at least chapters 16-17, if  by then you aren't convinced it's worth reading, then it's probably just not your thing. P.S.: For those interested, this is very vaguely related to Red Storm. However the link is so vague it doesn't matter if you read it or not, it's more like an easter egg for those who know it.

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