Pearl Pink

Alt title: Tennen Pearl Pink

Vol: 4; Ch: 21
2002 - 2004
3.655 out of 5 from 115 votes
Rank #19,863
Pearl Pink

When Kanji was a child, he made a promise with crybaby Tamako that they could be married when they grew up, as long as she became stronger and stopped crying so much. Now, as a teenager, Kanji runs errands for his perverted father who runs Dog Run, a talent agency. Their top star is an idol named Shinju Momono, but she has a secret: as a teenager, she had her mother raise her young daughter until she could support the girl; and now that Shinju is famous, she can! There's just one catch: Shinju's daughter is none other than Tamako! She hasn’t forgotten the promise they made, and has become much stronger – to the point of looking and acting like a boy – to win over her Kanji. What’s worse, Shinju must keep her daughter a secret to protect her public image, so Tamako moves in with Kanji's household instead. Will Kanji ever warm to this boyish, 'monkey girl's advances?

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