Peak Romance

Alt title: Romantic Joutou

Vol: 1; Ch: 7
3.297 out of 5 from 433 votes
Rank #27,244
Peak Romance

A temp worker named Kei spends all his time on self-improvement in the hope of landing a top-class lover. He slacks off at work, never does overtime, and clocks out right on schedule to head to a cooking class. Whenever he needs to satisfy his pent-up energy, he calls up his childhood friend, Tsugitsugu, who indulges him in casual sex. One day, he meets the super-handsome Ekihito at a mixer. He seems like the man of his dreams, but then Kei finds out that Ekihito collects lovers as though he's trying to put together some some kind of harem?! Which should he choose: status or love?! 

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This is probably my least favorite omegaverse manga, and that's quite a feat in a genre riddled with non-consensual sex, worlds where bestiality is normal, and even includes a story about a teenager who is sexually attracted to an elementary school child. While there is also plenty of non-cringy omegaverse stories, this particular tale is not one of them. It doesn't have characters being sexually pleasured by beastmen or people fighting their lust for small children, but it has - in my opinion - some of the most aggravating and unlikeable characters I've read in a manga in a long time. The omega Kei is a gold digger looking for a rich alpha to give him a posh life, his beta love interest Tsugitsugu is a complete moron with terrible taste in men, and Ekihito, the third-wheel alpha that comes into the story, is the most entitled SOB ever. Kei's greed and the Tsugitsugu's stupidity cause them both copious amounts of suffering, but Ekihito, who basically waltzes in and plays god with their lives, has zero consequences for his actions... and that really annoyed the hell out of me. It's not that he is a psychopath or a mustache-twirling villain, Ekihito is simply TOO RICH TO CARE. It's as if owning an insane amount of property has ripped the humanity out of him and made it impossible for the man to relate to other people. Taken someone's freedom of choice away from them? Who cares, give them money and a condo. Somebody is suffering and needs help? Not your problem, you've got shit to do with other people. Want to have children? Don't worry about giving them a stable family, just screw half the people in the city until you've produced enough offspring to fulfill your dream of starting a sports team. Seriously, this alpha is absolutely vile; and the fact that Ekihito is completely unaware of what a terrible human being he is is horrifying. In the end, the misery that Kei and Tsugitsugu have caused for themselves - with no small amount of assistance from Ekihito - culminates in a sad and disgusting round of (literal) vomit-inducing sex; their desperate attempt to fix their broken relationship and give themselves the joy in life that they EASILY COULD HAVE HAD TOGETHER IN THE FIRST PLACE if they hadn't been stupid. If you don't care for asshole characters, high levels of idiocy, and vomit sex then this probably isn't the story for you. Frankly, there is much better omegaverse out there.

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