Ch: 60
2021 - 2022
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Tomorrow is Garam’s 25th birthday and not only have her parents forgotten, but she still hasn’t found a full-time job. As she lay in bed wishing for another life, the clock strikes midnight and a strange window opens up before her. She steps through and discovers that she’s a pathfinder, or a traveler of worlds. But somehow stepping into this other world has caused her family and everything she knew back on earth to disappear. To rejoin her family and set things back to normal, Garam will have to learn all that she can about being a pathfinder.

Source: TappyToon

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In a world of kill or be killed - vanilla is the way. Crybaby mc, weak and idiotic presents Pathfinders with over 40 chapters of side missions that have nothing to do with pathfinding.  Story: For real, I tried so hard but in chapter 37 I dropped it because the mc has resolved herself not to kill other people on the idiotic basis of "Not becoming like the bad guys".  Now if I tell you you got thrown in a medieval-like world which has magic etc but you were able to go back to your world in a time stopped world, where anything you take to the other world well just be replenished back as if it was never taken what would you do?  Mc is an unintelligent women who can't think for her life of her, cant protect herself and only way of living she thought of is selling gold and goods from earth to buy her way in new world. Slaves to protect her, best hotels, best cloth, best transport etc.  Mc for once after a betrayal thinks straight and brings a gun and an ak47 to the other world which until now after 35 chapters the pistol was used only 2 times and in both times mc was the most crybaby cowered most pathetic human being seen.  If people tried to steal all your money, rape you and sell you would you hesitate to kill or shoot them? scum rapists try to shoot themselves with gun they don't know about but mc stops them?  Your friends are in grave danger but you don't use it?  Your friend is kidnapped but you don't use it? Your friend is shred into literal mincemeat and you still don't use it but instead thank yourself for not using said gun as it would of turned you into a murderer?  MC is the most idiotic mc I have ever saw with no logic whatsoever in her thought process. Also her males slaves are the same, not killing scum who mince meated hundreds of innocent people but settled with a beating?  This webtoon had tremendous potential at start but the weak, crybaby, cowered idiotic mc has made the story fall on its sword. I honestly dont know how this shit crap of a story has good reviews? were they made paced on the first 10 chapters?  "You Contemplated between saving your friend and not putting blood on your hands" Quote said by MC double ego which is 100% correct, mc is just scum who hides while making others dirty themselves with blood to protect her.  Ps. "wild soup appears, mc terrified and scared shitless"... that's pretty much the mc ongoing mental state what a shitshow. 

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