Parasol Doumei

Alt title: Parasol Alliance

One Shot
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Parasol Doumei

A boy who is a twin lags behind his overachieving brother in both academics and popularity. He proposes to the girl he likes, herself a twin, but had confused her for her twin sister. Embarrassed and in a compromising position, he agrees to help her to win the affections of the boy she likes, his brother, lest she leaks his botched confession to her sister, hampering his chances with his crush.

Source: MU

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so this one shot gave me complicated feelings. i read this manga cz it was from the author of blue box, soo i checked it out as the plot suited my taste. tbh this isn't disappointing at all! the reason it's a 7/10 cz it's a oneshot. it had really high potential to be a great long running rom com series with emtional ups and down. so the story is one of the twin brother (ten)confesses to another one of a twin sis (yuzu) pair then he found out he confesses to the wrong girl! so that other girl (karin) apparently wanted to know more abt his twin bro (haru) so they work together to achieve their goal. karin genuinely helps ten tells him abt yuzu what she likes and all and in return she makes ten to hang out with her and blackmail him in a cute funny way. then ten finds out his crush yuzu like his bro but he decided not to tell yuzu as she'll get hurt so he sorta told karin hey! i'm giving up on my love! in response karin declares imma go and confess to my crush! and we enventually find out her crush was ten. she confesses but here's the plot twist haru doesn't accept her confession. instead they just decided let's not make decision hastily and try our best as giving up on someone is not that easy. lastly ten asked karin when did she fell for him we get a glimpse of flashback and it left us on a cliffhanger!  so if this was a serialized manga i would say it would have been a pretty great story. along the course of the story ten may or may not move from his former crush or how he handles this situation. how his relationship blooms with karin. bond with his brother and many more... overall it had that exact potential to be a great story. as a oneshot this isn't enough but as a teaser of a new story this is perfect.

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