Ch: 107
2017 - 2018
3.581 out of 5 from 331 votes
Rank #12,430

Sooho has loved Merry since Merry was a tiny baby, vowing to protect him from the dark secrets connecting their two families. Now both adults, Sooho has become the CEO of his ruthless family's company, while Merry has grown up innocent and pure on a rural island. When Merry's dying mother asks Sooho to take her son to the city with him and give him a better life, Sooho's once-brotherly feelings for the younger man quickly evolve into something far more passionate. Merry grows to love him deeply in return, but an uncertain future awaits them when Sooho is blackmailed into a loveless marriage. He swears to Merry that nothing will change between them, but can his young paramour truly be happy in a relationship where he is now legally nothing more than a boy concubine?

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There are many types of innocents: the angelic, the naive, the adorkables, the pure ones who are still mentally and physically pristine... So Merry has been described as an innocently pure island boy, he hit the mark on NAIVETÉ towards the world; AND NOT matters involving passionate smooching, he's quite skilled in that department idk how he learned to do that yet after doing it he can get embarrassed about it... due to a few dreams he had. What utter bullshit. In spite of that he's a relatively harmless character, his cluelessness & cligniness might be infuriating but hey at least he's good at cooking. Boy also cared about his mom so he scooped up two good points at least.  The secondary characters were way more interesting to read than the main two, like Dori & that chef friend. As for the story, it's a mega snore fest. Honestly the reason that made me finished part 1 was bcoz of the characters' built, I ain't guilty about saying that coz brothers without tomorrow are known for bestowing these 2D peeps with godly physiques. Tho it felt kinda stupid seeing Merry drawn in a deliberately titillating position which is meant to attract  Sooho, there's too much of these moments like 20% of the manhwa is made up of them. No matter how slow the story progress is i really stayed only to see the drawings lol. At first you will decide to stay for the drawings but as you go through the chapters you'll feel like it's too late to drop it since you've made it this far, by the time you reached over 50 chapters you'll grow tired of everything & get desensitised to the art. But if you're eager to see Sooho's mother gets shitted on in the future then by all means read on lads.  She hasn't got shitted on yet fyi, it'll most likely happen in part 2. 

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