Parallel World Pharmacy

Alt title: Isekai Yakkyoku

Vol: 9+; Ch: 44+
2016 - ?
4.086 out of 5 from 1,587 votes
Rank #1,996
Parallel World Pharmacy

It’s time to change the misguided medical care in another world by using modern pharmacy!When a young pharmacologist gives his life to his research and dies from overwork, he finds himself reincarnated as a boy named Falma, the son of the court physician. In a new world where faulty remedies run rampant, Falma uses modern pharmacy and cheat powers to cure all the diseases around him.

Source: One Peace Books

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An interesting series about scientist working in research using his knowledge and passion for medicine to save lives in another world. I think the series is better than Dr. Stone, because it focuses on one thing – medicine – and takes the whole scientific element more seriously. Thanks to the more mature target reader I would guess. I’m unable to make judgement on its realism, but from my humble perspective it seems pretty well researched. It has common tropes as other isekai series do still. Mainly how the main protagonist is bestowed with special abilities, which help him greatly. However, there is no direct intervention of gods, even if it is hinted. The actual existence of gods is kept so far in somewhat grey area. However, I suspect they are real in the series, because mere accident would unlikely cause such powers to emerge. The main character provides himself even a reasonable excuse for the new knowledge. He claims it’s divinely inspired after his accident, which is plausible for the people in this world. The tropes also include magic, which exists in the world and grants one a noble status. It presents opportunity for some magical battles in the series too. I liked how the series presents in the settings already existence of some early medical scientific community including university and guild. I would identify three arcs in the manga adaptation so far. The first is heavily focused on medical revolution the main protagonist brings to the empire he lives in. It has this building/improving kingdom feel to it. The main point is quite obvious [1]. However later on it transitions into quite predictable arc [2], with surprising twist [3]. At the moment of writing this review the third arc [4] is in early beginning stages. What I like about the main character is how he keeps his idiosyncrasies from previous life and the fact he is not just a genius teenager, but holds at least more believable expertise in the field. It’s very reminiscent of Mushoku Tensei. Including desire to avoid some of the past mistakes. Interestingly enough there is so far no love/romance plotline for the MC. I could think of two characters of having that potential, but so far nothing has been indicated in strong enough manner. There is plentiful cast of reoccurring characters going beyond the MC’s family. Initial visual impression from the cover isn’t that great, but the series has quite detailed buildings, items, but characters’ design is weaker in comparison. Overall, I highly recommend the series for anyone to enjoy medicine/kingdom building series. On side note the series is being adapted to anime at this point. Japanese difficulty 7/10 (see my profile for details about various difficulty scores) However, I wouldn’t recommend the series for reading in Japanese to beginners. The series takes the scientific element seriously as I said. Aside from usual no furigana for a series targeted at more mature reader (seinen) it does contain lot of scientific terminology including organs, symptoms, diseases, viruses, drugs, etc. This review is written after reading 8 volumes (all existing at the time). Spoilers [1] It’s to bring improved and widely available medicine/healthcare to the people. [2] The black plague arc obviously. [3] The twist is the disease is spread intentionally by mad scientist. He is basically a social Darwinist banished for his unethical conduct – human experiments – from the medical university. It introduces the first antagonist for MC and the first hard situation. [4] Expedition to neighbouring country, where the plague originated from.

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